Detlef Baumer

Name: Detlef Baumer

Region: Murray Bridge

What does your Digital Media involve?

I create low resolution digital abstract images and prints.

What does the term “Digital Media” mean to you?

Anything that requires a computer to produce!

How do you present your Digital Media?

I create abstract digital art which is sold as a printed image.

Top Hat Yoyo

Top Hat Yoyo

What medium do you work in?

Visual art

How did you learn your skills?

Self taught

Do you see yourself as a hobbyist, emerging or professional?

Emerging, I have exhibited in group shows for ten years and have had three solo shows as well in the last two years.

Tell us about your path to Digital Media?

I have been painting for a while; the computer was needed so I could utilize my digital camera. There I discovered filters, which could also be useful in image manipulation.

Night at the Beach

What are the skills you use in making your work?

I have only learnt specific parts of image programs, fast tracking to the points needed to achieve desired results.

Is your digital media something you have been drawn to do?

I don’t need to rely on others to create and print my works which keeps my costs down.

Shifting Shapes

Shifting Shapes

Does being familiar with Digital Media and the tools you use give you any edge in your work or life?

Can’t really say but just like brushes the computer is one of my tools of trade.

Where do you see these skills taking you in the future?

I’m always learning

What do others think of you and your work?

Being self taught allows me to experiment; my visual art background helps in composition /structure and colour. As far as I know people consider me professional.

Are other forms of technology or software providing you with new opportunities?

I have been on face book for two years networking with 900 or so friends and artists from all over the world. I post images regularly and receive feed back almost instantly. In the future I will set up a website.

Anything else?