Jessica Foster

Jessica FosterName: Jessica Foster

Region: Mount Gambier (Limestone Coast)

What does your Digital Media involve?

I am a theatre maker. Over the past 2 years I began to focus on design and developing my capabilities in the area of hybrid media performance work. I have been looking particularly at incorporating projected image, captured sound and video into the work. I am continuing to develop my skills in stop motion animation and video editing. My most recent work was a hybrid media performance work presented in a carpark that looked at young peoples thoughts and ideas regarding cars and travel. The animations in the work were made from image and sound generated from workshops with kids aged 10 – 13, so the aesthetic reflected this.

What does the term “Digital Media” mean to you?

It is a very broad term that includes every creative process/practice that involves a computer at some stage. Which encompasses many many practices. Question – does that make writing a digital media if it is done on a computer? My definition is a bit dodge.

How do you present your Digital Media?

I see/notice how others work with digital media, and then (if inspired) try to teach myself. I am just going step by step, learn the basics then experiment, and take up any PD opportunities that come my way.

What medium do you work in?

Animation (stop motion), photography and projections.

    Stop motion animation by Jessica Foster: “I would add wings and a jet engine”

    How did you learn your skills?

    Through practice, observation and help from great people.

    Do you see yourself as a hobbyist, emerging or professional?

    In terms of multimedia I am at the emerging stage.

    Tell us about your path to Digital Media?

    My initial degree was in theatre performance. I have been doing visual arts stuff for a long time. I have extended my practice in the past five years to become a theatre maker/director working in the area of community cultural development. It is in this work that I want to incorporate digital media as a useful tool.

    Stop motion animation by Jessica Foster: “Jack and Tyler’s toys doof in secret”

    What are the skills you use in making your work?

    I don’t really know how to answer this. My skills are pretty limited. I’m learning how to use garage band and I movie. Visual arts and theatre inform my DM work, in particular in working with colour, composition, rhythm and audience

    Is your digital media something you have been drawn to do, or is it a survival skill?

    A little bit of both definitely. I am not up to date with technology by any means.

    Does being familiar with Digital Media and the tools you use give you any edge in your work or life?

    It broadens my opportunities as an artist. It gives me a bunch of different modes by which to present stories. It means that I am never board! Creates new possibilities for projects.

    Where do you see these skills taking you in the future?

    I hope to develop my skills further so that they will enhance my work as a theatre maker and provide other opportunities for me to develop work for film, TV, installation and/or other visual arts forms

    What do others think of you and your work?

    Probably artistic. Definitely not techie!

    Are other forms of technology or software providing you with new opportunities?

    Online conferencing is useful for as I can have skype rehearsals and meetings with people from outside my region.

    Facebook and you tube can be a platform to collaborate on when developing work with communities, as a networking tool, and to find out about PD opportunities.

    Anything else?

    Just that I want to learn more, and get better at manipulating sound and video.

    Stop motion animation by Jessica Foster: “The Picnic”