Italo Vardaro

Name: Italo Vardaro

Region: Riverland

What does your Digital Media involve?

I am a full-time professional photographer and my work involves freelance and commercial photography. My most recent work was a set of still images for an exhibition called ‘Paese’ which show cased the back streets of Norwood, capturing the nuances of 1950/60’s living in Norwood.

What does the term “Digital Media” mean to you?

Having grown up using film technology for most of my professional career, digital media to me represents working with pixels rather than silver bromide and colour based chemicals.

How do you present your Digital Media?

I use digital media daily. It gives the opportunity for a country based photographer to provide up to the minute service to city based agencies.

My images are made using Adobe CS5, raw capture and Adobe Bridge conversion.

What medium do you work in?

My digital media is based around still images. The medium is often on photographic paper, canvas and archival art based paper.

How did you learn your skills?

My skills were developed by working in television, newspaper and workshops from international touring photographers.

Do you see yourself as a hobbyist, emerging or professional?

I see myself as a dedicated professional. My day is spent continually thinking and visualising photography and the changing light around me.

Tell us about your path to Digital Media?

Yes, I have come from a traditional media background and each day is an opportunity to learn more.

What are the skills you use in making your work?

I love using traditional print technology and applying my knowledge to make better digital images by understanding the way we use contrast and levels to bring out the best in each print.

Is your digital media something you have been drawn to do, or has it been a survival skill ?

It started as a survival skill but has now blown out to be a consuming passion, one each excites me continually.

Does being familiar with digital media and the tools you use give you any edge in your work or life?

Yes, without a doubt.

Where do you see these skills taking you in the future?

Obviously changing technology will dictate our growth. I think we all need to be constantly aware of new programs, faster computers, which will definitely bring about change and make digital media more exciting. Hi definition photography, 3D photography, photo merge to name a few.

What do others think of you and your work?

A lot of people mention that I see things differently and this puzzles me whenever they mention it. To me, it’s a natural ‘thing’ for me to look and ponder rather than see things with a fleeting glance. I am constantly observing the way in which light and shade play out in daily life. Design is very important to me – both natural and man made design – I don’t think I can live without it.

Are other forms of technology or software providing you with new opportunities?

I take a keen interest in new forms of technology and while at times I take my time implementing them, they are a necessary part of progress.

Is there anything else?

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