alysha herrmann

Name: alysha herrmann (it’s weird I know but I prefer my name to appear in lower case! )

Region: Riverland, SA

What does your Digital Media involve?

I’m a theatre practitioner (playwright / performer / director / facilitator) with an interest in film making, photography and other aspects of digital media work and how this can enhance my performance work (projection art, ipad/ipod apps, digital music editing, soundscapes etc). I’m also interested in the use of online tools in creating performance & other forms of creative expression.

My current practise in digital media is still quite new, I’ve created some short films, photo stories, YouTube videos and operate 2 wordpress blogs (one of which is based around my community arts performance project PressureLands – and the other where I regularly publish creative writing in various stages of development – )

Here’s a little (very rough) snapshot from the work in progress of PressureLands performed on the 17th December 2010. For more info visit:

One of my recent favourite examples of digital media was the use of multimedia & projections in Slingsby’s production of Finnegan Kruckmeyer’s play ‘The Tragical Life of Cheeseboy’ – there were projections on the ceilings, walls, bits of cloth and the inside of suitcases and the seamless interaction of the multimedia elements with live performance was amazing. I also really enjoy the light projections that happen on North Tce in Adelaide!

What does the term “Digital Media” mean to you?

I see Digital Media as being an incredibly broad practise – Digital Media to me means any creative product that is produced/processed/shared in some way using a computer or the internet. To me this could mean people who use Digital Media in other creative practises or who are solely dedicated to creating Digital Media works.

How do you present your Digital Media?

I’m learning how to use various software tools such as Final Cut Pro, Garage Band, Movie Maker & online tools such as YouTube, Flickr, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter and hardware such as video & still cameras, projectors & sound recording equipment all the time, if there’s an opportunity to learn something new from anyone I meet I try to embrace that. I would definitely consider myself in the ‘emerging’ category and with some tools a definite ‘novice’ but I love seeing the end product come to life. I’m not someone that computers just seem to work for so I put a lot of energy and time into figuring things out myself and making things work in the way I envision them.

I use digital media to record & document my traditional performance work as well as creating work that incorporates or is based around Digital Media.

I currently present my own digital media work on blogs, YouTube, other social media and in theatre & performance spaces.

What medium do you work in?

Most of the digital media I’ve created myself has been a combination of sound, photos & film. Largely short films, photo stories and some very basic projection style slides used in performance, I’m really interested in exploring new ways to incorporate digital media into my work and lucky enough to be a participant in the MEGA program this year looking at new digital products and services and my involvement will have a particular focus on website design & digital media in performance spaces.

Digital Narrative created for Griffith University Unit Youth and Society

How did you learn your skills?

Trial and error, lots of help from my creative & life partner Nic Tubb who is often my co-collaborator and much more experienced on the technical aspects, whereas I’m more an ideas person! I’ve been a participant in a number of short film making workshops and through the work I’ve done and the people I’ve met picked up some tips and skills.

I also get involved with any professional development opportunities I can (like participating in MEGA and ABC Open workshops) to improve my skills and to find new ideas and inspiration.

Do you see yourself as a hobbyist, emerging or professional?

I’m a professional theatre practitioner but still in the early emerging stages of my career, in terms of Digital Media I’d say I’m at the beginner end of the scale but often surprise myself with how much knowledge and technical skill I’ve already managed to pick up.

Tell us about your path to Digital Media

I’m come from a performance & theatre background (I studied Acting and have worked with youth theatres & community arts projects since 2004). I’ve always been interested in exploring Digital Media but have only recently had the opportunity and skills to begin initiating my own practise in this area.

What are the skills you use in making your work?

Creativity, Risk Taking, Perseverance & a whole lot of stubbornness! I also use my traditional performance & creative writing skills to create work that captures my artistic vision. In terms of technical skills I use a Nikon D70s Digital SLR to take still images and whatever video camera (including flip videos & my Nokia E71 mobile phone camera) I can borrow for moving image. I’m still learning the intricacies of using both. I’m beginning to learn about Final Cut Pro (I can manage basic editing) and Garage Band. I’m an experienced social media user as I use social media to promote, share and create work – I’m exploring how these online spaces can be used to create collaborative performance works.

Is your digital media something you have been drawn to do, or has it been a survival skill ?

It’s something I’ve felt drawn to – I love gadgets really and I’ve always enjoyed learning new things even when I find it quite frustrating that I can’t get the hang of it straight away! I love film, projection and music so the desire and interest was always there. It’s also an area I’m interested in as I live in a regional area, audiences are sometimes limited and the arts has a less valued place sometimes than other disciplines and using digital and online tools means I can share my work with a wider pool of people. I’m not sure I am ‘up to date’ with tools and technology! But I do try to learn about new things through my networks and take up professional development opportunities when I can.

Does being familiar with digital media and the tools you use give you any edge in your work or life?

Definitely – Opens up a wider potential audience and broadens opportunities for potential projects. Through my online presence I’ve been lucky enough to be offered projects and guest speaking invitations which otherwise would never have happened.

Where do you see these skills taking you in the future?

I’d like to explore professional development in installation work and some more experience with short films and projection art. I can see projection art and installation work having a place at events in my local community in the future and that’s something I’d really like to be part of.

What do others think of you and your work?

I certainly see myself as more artistic than geeky as computers often seem to not work the way they’re supposed to for me! I think that others would probably see me as being creative/artistic with a geeky side but that my work is more about the creative vision than the technical application (in fact I’d love some ‘techie’ co-collaborators!)

Are other forms of technology or software providing you with new opportunities ?- tell us about it

I use social media to share my work and find out about professional development opportunities. I also use social media to build the profile and awareness of projects I’m working on and to co-ordinate planning, rehearsals and other meetings with my creative collaborators. YouTube, Flickr and Blogs are also great tools to share and showcase my work with a wider audience (which is crucial as a regional artist). I’m also exploring online opportunities to actually create work in new spaces such as a performance work concept I’m currently developing for Second Life.

Is there anything else ?

I love working with others and am always keen to meet potential collaborators and learn new skills – I’m still just a baby really but have lots of ideas and passion to create work in a variety of formats.

You can follow me on twitter @lylyee, see my work on YouTube ( ) or follow me on facebook.

A short video made whilst i was a member of an SA government Office for Youth Action Team for a presentation to government, business and community members about the future of the Riverland and how we need to work together.
The piece was inspired by 2 other YouTube videos so full credit to them.
Music in the background – Folk song, vocals sung by me and Instrumentals by Heather Frahn, Adelaide musician, google her she is amazing!!
Text voice over also by me.