Send us your stuff

We’re showcasing examples of your digital media at Digital Salon. Code, images, movies, sounds or music that you have made in your work or play…


  • STILL IMAGES > select 20 to send us. Please compress them together as a zip file. Or point us to your Flickr account.
  • VIDEO > any common format or codec is fine (we will convert it to a playback format of either SD, HD or VGA) and up to 10 minutes is best. Longer films or media can be sent in but we might have to choose an excerpt, or play your film at the end of events.
  • MUSIC or AUDIO compositions > up to 10 mins as a sound file or audio CD tracks
  • WEB SITES > send us the URL
  • GAMES OR INTERACTIVE PROJECTS OR OTHER STUFF > send us an interactive CD, DVD or URL, or give us a call about it
  • LIVE AV / VJ / DJ / media performer > send us some documentation of your performances, or contact us about performing live at Digital Salon
  • What else? digital comics, interactive devices, wearable computers or whatever you have made – just get in touch and tell us about it – we’ll be interested.
  • Does it have to be YOUR stuff? If you want to show something and you weren’t the creator – its okay so long as you have permission to show it. And if you are a media collector, digital downloader, content salvager and mangler… get in touch – we’re interested in hearing from you too.


When you send us your stuff, make sure you include your name, all your contact details, and info about who you are and what you do, so we can tell people about your work.


You can send your stuff to us in lots of different ways… choose what suits you.

  • Email if under 10MB, to info @
  • FTP to our Digital Salon FTP server > email for details
  • Send large files via
  • Try some of the other free file-sending websites
  • Post us CDs, DVDs or send us your USB stick or Hard Drive (make sure you give us an address to post it back to) to
    PO Box 315 Quorn SA 5433
    OR drop it into the Arts Officer specified on the contact page.
  • Contact us for access to our Drop Box