Georgie Sharp

Name: Georgie Sharp

Region: Port Augusta

What does your Digital Media involve?

For many years I was a teacher and curriculum consultant / advisor and used digital media to engage students and teachers in learning and in particular to record their “learning stories”.

Now I am telling stories of a different kind through my digital portraits. These are photo montages that weave together aspects of the life, aspirations and personality of the subject.

What does the term “Digital Media” mean to you?

Digital Media encompasses sound and vision in an endless variety of combinations.

How do you present your Digital Media?

I use digital media to research using the internet, to connect and communicate with like minded people and to share, through a variety of presentations, my thoughts and ideas.

What medium do you work in?

At this particular time I use mainly photos and visual arts.

How did you learn your skills?

Through personal research, practice trial and error, and from people who share their skills.

Do you see yourself as a hobbyist, emerging or professional?

Semi Professional

Have you come from a traditional media background and made a transition, or always used DM… Tell us about your path?

I have always had an interest in and practiced a range of ARTS. Digital media was introduced to me through work practices and I use my ARTS background to shape the way that I reach an end product.

What are the skills you use in making your work?

Knowledge of colour, shape and form,Photography and PhotoShop

Is your digital media something you have been drawn to do, or has it been a survival skill ?

I was immediately drawn to digital media from the first time I could see the potential of easily engaging people in learning.

Does being familiar with digital media and the tools you use give you any edge in your work or life?

Sometimes it takes me over the edge ;-)) The current work I am doing on my digital portraits has allowed me to explore possibilities I had not previously envisaged.

Where do you see these skills taking you in the future?

Into a fairly productive old age.

What do others think of you and your work?


Are other forms of technology or software providing you with new opportunities ?

On line photo sharing sites… Flickr, PhotoArt, Red Bubble, Facebook. Web design digital photobooks / calendars