About Digital Salon

Digital Salon is a series of events designed to showcase and network digital media makers in regional South Australia. It is being presented in ten different regional centres during 2011. To see what events are coming up, visit our events listings.

Digital Salon defines “digital media” as all forms of digital content and data production, from graphic design through to music making, web programming, software development and online collaboration. Digital Salon is open to anyone working with or learning digital media regardless of skill level.

We are showcasing the range of ways that people use and create digital media in regional SA, as a series of profiles contributed by people around regional SA.

The aim is to create a network of people who are involved in digital production to be able to collaborate with other regions and to hear about upcoming opportunities for regional digital media makers directly throughout this network.

Why are we doing that?

With the ever increasing changes in software, computer power and online collaboration tools, regional people are transforming the way they work and create as never before. If you have wondered just what is possible, then the Digital Salon event is the place to see the many ways that professionals, hobbyists, artists and students are using digital media tools to create, communicate, and collaborate across regions, states and countries.

How are we doing that?

Live link ups to other digital media makers occur during each event, and people who can’t attend in person are able view some of the work streaming online.

The Digital Salon events are for all levels of digital media experience and are open to all ages, to learn about new opportunities in digital media and network with other digital media makers from regional South Australia.

Who is Digital Salon?

Digital Salon is an initiative of Country Arts SA and the Australia Council for the Arts, through the 2010 Geek in Residence program.

The program is being managed by Cindi Drennan with the support of Steve Mayhew (Country Arts SA), Megan Collins (Illuminart) and Country Arts SA Arts Officers and other supporters in the touring regions.