Useful tools for digital media creators
GIMP began its life as an Open source image editor in Linux, and is now available as a port for Windows and OS-X as well. Gimp is arguably the most rich and flexible alternative to Photoshop. Many plugins are available to extend the default feature set.
The official GIMP site is at The windows installer is at The OS-X download is at
GIMPshop on the other hand is a variant of the original program designed to operate in a similar way to Photoshop, developed by Scott Moschella. The website is at For windows users is probably the next best alternative. Whilst quite flexible, it doesnt have all the bells and whistles of Photoshop or GIMP, but very easy to use, and plugins are available as well. The website is at
Audacity is probably the most feature rich and flexible Open Source audio editor available. Audacity also began its life as a Linux program, but has been ported for Windows and OS-X as well. With many processing and special effects plugins, Audacity is a must for anyone working with sound files. The website is at

Lightworks has been around a long time in video editing, and is still a very usable product for those with Windows 7 etc. As with all the NLE’s, familiarity is the key to its use. Recently Lightworks was converted to an Open Source project and V10.0.4 is now a public beta version available for download. The public beta is available at
3D video:

For the adventurous person with heaps of spare time, there’s only the one. Blender is arguably one of the most powerful 3D modelling and animating application available today. Available for Linux, Windows, and OS-X Check out Blender at

For Windows, where you want to play just about anything, Media Player Classic Home Cinema is a versatile player derrived from “Media Player Classic” With command line and web interface controls, MPC-HC even integrates well with automation and scripting controls. MPC-HC works well as a front end for many codec libraries. Give it a try at
For those who want to transcode video and audio between quicktime, H264, flash, Mpeg, DVD, DIVX, AVI, MP3, and more theres no better all round tool than WinFF. WinFF is a command shell and control interface for “FFmpeg”, a versatile command line media converter that originally started in the Linux world. Available on Windows and Linux, WinFF is a must. The website is at for OS-X users, go to for the equivalent OSX frontend to FFmpeg.