Exciting Digital Mash Up Competition

(ie repurposing existing media resources to tell your own message).

Australian/NZ libraries are making their data collections available for people to repurpose in creative ways…
….and be eligible for a rather substantial prize….
…. via Library:/hack/

So… all you digital media makers… you can have fun trawling the collections, manipulating and editing it in your own creative way…

Find out more here: http://libraryhack.org/

Peruse the collections here: http://libraryhack.org/data/

This project is an inspired use of existing digital data, encouraging us to use these resources in new and personal ways.. by offering some great prizes and opportunity for the work to be seen. This is an ideal opportunity for anyone already working with digital media, to do something very innovative and personal, or just to have fun.

Look forward to seeing what YOU do… we are cutting and mashing already!