We are inviting digital media makers, artists, teachers and any interested people to attend Digital Salons around regional SA from WHEREVER YOU ARE!

We are using a web conferencing system called GOTO meeting which will allow you to attend from your own computer and internet access. During the sessions you will be able to listen in, to see the presentations from different speakers around SA, ask questions, and even present your own media if you wish. This exciting tool enables us to connect up people from around SA and further afield, to extend the network beyond towns and regions and to facilitate collaboration.

Our first live web conference occurred as part of the Riverland Digital Salon on Thursday the 24th March. Following the success of this we plan to use this method to create link ups around SA for the future Digital Salons.

To be able to join a web conference, we recommend that you test and configure your computer system for compatibility. See the section below for these easy tips on how your computer and connection should be set up.

We hold regular test run sessions prior to each SALON live conference, so you have the chance to test your settings before hand. Here is our current schedule of online meetings and test sessions (SA TIME):


“Focus on Mt Gambier” Test Meeting 28 July 5.30pm (ACST)

1. Please join my meeting, 27/07/2011 at 5:30 PM ACST.

2. Use your microphone and speakers (VoIP) – a headset is recommended. Or, call in using your telephone.

Dial +61 (0) 2 8014 4937
Access Code: 866-095-774
Audio PIN: Shown after joining the meeting

Meeting ID: 866-095-774


email info @ digitalsalon . net .au

Here are our recommendations for you to prepare joining us by web conference:

GOTO MEETING which provides AUDIO CONFERENCE for up to 15 participants (including Digital Salon presenter). It streams an image of the presenter’s computer screen to all participants, who can also be given the option of presenting their own screen during the conference.

  • You need to have a current (within 3 years old) Windows or Mac OS computer ideally with ADSL2 connection to the internet. (ADSL 1 can also be used but we recommend using a phone to call in for the audio component.)
  • You need to have a reasonably current web browser, with the latest flash and java plug ins installed.
  • Check your upload and download speed by using the flash tester at This site is useful to tell you the rating of your ISP, and results. You will find options here to compare your connection results to others.
    • Ideally your download speed should be around 1.3 MBps to receive images and sounds.
    • Your upload speed should be as high as possible but varies from area to area. If you find you are on a very slow upload speed, we recommend that you use your mobile or home phone to call us for the audio component of the conference (a number is provided for each conference)
  • You have the option of audio via either VOIP (voice over IP through your internet connection) for which you need speakers and microphone. OR you can use your own telephone. The instructions for calling in and PIN are provided in the connection info for each conference.
  • If you are in an environment with a firewall, you will need to speak to the IT manager for this area to arrange for the firewall to allow GoTo Meeting through. Contact us for further details if this is the case.
  • Join a test run session to go through the process of joining a meeting and learning how it works, prior to joining a live Digital Salon conference.
  • Each conference has a set of instructions to join the meeting. This contains a link, which will launch the JAVA plugin in your web browser, to give you access to join the scheduled meeting. Note that the advertised starting time is SA time (Australian Central Standard Time).
  • If you need further instructions we suggest you contact info [at] digital salon for a one to one training or set up session (which will be conducted by phone and internet)